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A note to all my supporters,

It is a GOOD day in Edina today.  I woke up this morning and pinched myself to see if it was real.  It is!

Edina, thank you for trusting in me to bring my voice, experience, drive and passion to work for our schools and community. Thank you for allowing me to represent YOU in the conversation.  I promise to always listen, to always learn, and to always keep the best interest of EVERY child who walks through our doors as a priority. I promise to recognize, value and leverage our incredible teachers as they work hard every day to make sure our kids learn, grow, and are ready to launch.

The support of each and every one of you has been my rock during this campaign, and I am forever grateful to you.  There have been days when it wasn’t easy to turn off the noise and focus on my goal, but knowing you had my back made it possible.  I am grateful to those that pushed me outside my comfort zone, taught me new skills, and most importantly made me a better human being.  

At the end of the day yesterday, my team and I had officially knocked on over 4,500 doors in Edina.  That’s a lot of real face to face conversations. It became important to me to be able to say “Edina, I see you. I hear you. I understand you better.” To me, that is the key to good leadership.

I am grateful to all the candidates who put themselves out there and were willing to work to support our students, teachers and community.  Every one of us feels passionate about ensuring our school system remains strong and sits squarely at the foundation of our community. Thank you to each of you for your time and dedication.

Congratulations to my fellow candidates Julie Greene and Leny Wallen-Friendman. It will be a pleasure to serve with you.  I am in awe of your commitment and strength.

Thank you to my family, especially my husband and kids who have been my biggest cheerleaders and supporters.  They deserve much of the credit for keeping me going.

Thank you to my amazing campaign “staff” for the countless hours they put into this effort. From finance oversight, to communications, to manpower, to volunteering, to grass roots efforts, every single person who stepped up to help has been an integral part of making this happen. They are my friends, and I am so lucky to be on this earth with them. 

Once again, thank you to everyone that helped to make this possible.



**One housekeeping note: For those of you who are hosting one of my 550 yard signs, please leave them OUTSIDE and VISIBLE for pick up.  I have been in contact with the Greene and Wallen-Friendman campaigns, and we are going to facilitate joint efforts to retrieve signs. If your sign has not been picked up by this weekend, please email me at  


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