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Letter: Shaw brings systematic approach, relationship-driven vision


Letter: Shaw brings systematic approach, relationship-driven vision


To the editor:

Almost without exception, Edina residents cite Edina Public Schools and an excellent public education as key factors in choosing to live and learn in Edina.
We believe that Janie Shaw provides the strong leadership necessary to guide Edina Public Schools through leadership, innovation, collaboration, strategy and heart.

Teachers, principals and school staff are the experts, the most essential part of our school district. They reach each and every student, every day. Janie’s vision is a classroom culture where school staff can collaborate and innovate knowing the Edina School Board stands with them.

Mutual respect and open communication across the community are essential to reach the goal of successful students. Janie’s leadership vision is a relationship-driven collaboration where teachers and staff members work together alongside community leaders, all coming together to support each other.

She also understands there will be tough issues facing the district. Janie is ready to work with her fellow board members to ensure a consistent, systematic approach toward decision-making. One of the most crucial areas will be the annual budget, which is complex. Janie’s vision is a prioritized fiscal budget that weighs the priorities and initiatives that have the most impact in laying the foundation for students and their learning.

Janie Shaw is one of the most sincere people we have ever met. She is smart, and has established herself as a hard worker, a strategic thinker, and a leader. She is ready. Her sleeves are rolled up ready to work. Her vision is a forward-thinking, strategic school board that values all members, and reaches decisions with respect and professionalism.

Please cast your vote for Janie Shaw for Edina School Board on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Heidi Carsello
Mary Brindle
Brindle is an Edina City Council member.

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